Phil James

Phil James is an attorney and a psychologist with summa cum laude doctoral degrees in both clinical and organizational psychology. Dr. James has nearly 15 years of experience as a trial consultant in addition to his 25 years of experience of practice as a clinician and organizational consultant. As a trial consultant, Dr. James has worked on cases involving patent infringement, product liability, breach of contract, negligent construction, industrial pollution, nuclear waste, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, personal injury, wrongful death, employment discrimination, wrongful termination, fraud, misrepresentation, and bad faith claims. Dr. James has a particular specialty managing juror reactions in punitive damage cases and is panel counsel for several companies in industries whose products and services attract such claims.

Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips is an attorney out of the University of North Carolina with 25 years of experience as a trial consultant. In 1986, after an epic legal battle that took six years, 196 volumes of deposition testimony and 78 days of trial, a jury returned a verdict for eight families against W.R. Grace & Co. It was Pyrrhic victory and a complex tale that was vividly recounted in the bestselling book and movie, “A Civil Action.” Mark Phillips was a member of the plaintiff’s legal team and the landmark case taught many lessons; the courtroom is a poor classroom for complex subjects, a jury’s view of the evidence can be very different from a lawyer’s view, and witnesses need emotional preparation as much as factual preparation. Mark has worked on over 400 major lawsuits and interviewed over 5000 jurors.


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