Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where do you get the jurors?
  2. Is jury research confidential?
  3. Do the research jurors sign confidentiality agreements?
  4. What if the other side learns that we did jury research?
  5. Have you ever had a research juror show up in the venire?
  6. Where do you do the research?
  7. Do you videotape the deliberations?
  8. Do the jurors fill out a questionnaire?
  9. Can we watch the deliberations?
  10. Do the attorneys sit in the courtroom during the research trial?
  11. Should we do the research at a research facility or at a hotel or conference center?
  12. How much does jury research cost?
  13. Do you use those measurement things that show how jurors feel?
  14. Does jury research work?
  15. If we put shadow jurors in the courtroom, won’t the other side make an issue of it?
  16. What’s the least expensive trial research?
  17. Can jury research help me make a jury selection profile?
  18. Which juror is better for me? Male or Female? Young or Old? White or Black?

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  • Courtroom Testimony – A Witness Preparation Document
  • Discoverability of Trial Research Results and Witness Testimony
  • Standard Research Trial Designs

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