Jury Research

Jury research is an essential component of the discovery process. By the time of trial you have conducted discovery on every witness. You’ve issued interrogatories for every document. You’ve researched the opposing counsel, the judge, and the local rules of court. Jury research is a part of the discovery process as much as any of these elements. The amount of discovery you conduct on your jury should be proportional to the exposure in your case. Our range of research options makes jury discovery possible for any exposure.

Venire Survey

A Venire Survey is an opinion poll most useful for change of venue motions, for refining jury selection profiles and for exploring attitudes if publicity, controversy or notoriety attends the case or either of the parties or their attorneys. The poll gathers basic information on each respondent, assesses case relevant-attitudes, and poses a case statement to which respondents give a verdict.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups are exploratory exercises, designed to probe juror thoughts and feelings about case issues or witnesses. Focus groups are more consultant-driven than counsel-driven and the phrase “focus group” reflects the procedure. The consultant takes the group through a set of questions that focus the group’s discussion on the various aspects of the case. Focus Groups are low cost research options.

Mock Trials

A Mock Trial is the best pre-trial mechanism for identifying the narratives the jurors will impose on the evidence and for tracking the lines of reasoning leading to the verdict. A Mock Trial differs from a Focus Group in that the panel hears a case presentation in a format much like what jurors get at trial. As opposed to the more free-wheeling discussion in a Focus Group, jurors in a Mock Trial are instructed and deliberate just like the actual jury. After the verdict, the consultant guides a post-mortem with questioning that focuses on the key aspects of their decision. TSI recommends follow-up “clinical” interviews with select research jurors.

Post Trial Jury Research

Post-Trial Jury Research explores the verdict rendered by the actual jury. It’s often used for cases likely to return after appeal and in cases representative of a class of similar cases. Our interviewing will invariably exceed the results you will get from any private investigator or from the brief snippets you get as the jury leaves after trial. In addition, Trial Solutions has pioneered the development of deliberation re-construction. The jury as a whole is more than just the sum of the individual jurors. Our post-trial research reconstitutes the entire jury and replicates the actual process that occurred during the deliberations.


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