Trial Consultation

Jurors do not think or reason like attorneys. They do not weigh the evidence against the elements of the claim. Rather, jurors create a stories based upon the case facts. Some stories favor one side. Some favor the other. The art of trial consultation consists of weaving the case characters and facts into the story the jurors see as most favorable to your client.

In addition, our trial consultation can be of considerable help to you in graphics selection, witness preparation, ordering of witnesses, and construction of opening and closing arguments, voir dire and jury selection, and helping you make adjustments as the trial progresses.

Jury Selection

Our jury selection background is extensive and includes a record-setting six-week jury selection against a prominent attorney who boasted he won his cases in jury selection. That case ended in settlement at our number after jury selection and before closing argument. We won, and he knew it. We also conducted the successful jury selection for the defense in State v. Mangano where savage vilification of the defendants had horribly polluted the jury pool.

Shadow Juries

A shadow jury is a panel of neutral observers who attend the trial and are debriefed each evening by our consultants. Reading the jury in any complex trial is notoriously tricky and even dangerous. Every attorney has stories of the surprises and deceptions that result from trying to read jurors during a trial. The shadow jury is the best mechanism for gauging the actual jury’s reactions to the trial. Our system for choosing, debriefing, and analyzing the shadow’s reactions has resulted in extraordinary successes at trial.


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