Jury Research

Jury research is an essential component of the discovery process. By the time of trial you have conducted discovery on every witness. You’ve issued interrogatories for every document. You’ve researched the opposing counsel, the judge, and the local rules of court...
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Trial Consultation

Jurors do not think or reason like attorneys. They do not weigh the evidence against the elements of the claim. Rather, jurors create a stories based upon the case facts. Some stories favor one side. Some favor the other. The art of trial consultation consists of...
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Witness Preparation

Trials have always called upon witnesses to impress the jurors and now the same holds true in depositions. A good witness can overcome bad facts. A bad witness can lose a case with good facts. Increasingly, video depositions are being shown to jurors at trial, sometimes even before the witness takes the stand. Settlement values go up or down depending on which side has a good or bad witness “in the can.” For all these reasons, you want your witness ready for their deposition and for trial.
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Trial Support

We provide you with a complete range of trial support services so that all communication in the courtroom is clear and efficient.
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Risk Management

Dr. James’ unique background as a clinical psychologist, organizational consultant, and attorney makes it possible for him to help companies learn from the litigation. Healthy and prosperous companies focus with laser intensity on customer satisfaction and zero-defect quality...
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